Stroke & Line

Fall Winter | 2017


The Stroke and Line 2017 collection is a tribute to the formation in the field of art, design and fashion, with the Central School of Visual Arts of San Juan; alma mater of the designer Jaer Cabán, starring as a focus, inspiration and stage for it.

The proposal is a timeless one, which stands out because it projects a youthful vibe with characteristics and aesthetic street, complemented in turn by blues, mint and different shades of gray. The columns with capitals of Corinthian order of the school were represented by biases arranged as a spiral, through patches with silhouette of leaf and of sophisticated patterns in cut fabrics to the laser. In addition, a series of buttons rich in details, made with a 3Dprinter and designed by Kezner, were developed. All the prints were hand-crafted by the designer, and evoke the strokes and shading practices of academic drawing.

"My first day at La Central was 20 years ago, and today I still feel that I am part of it ..." (Jaer Cabán, 2017.)

-Sunglasses: COA, by Gregg Williamson

-Bags: HQ Bags, by Héctor Quiñones.

-3D printed accessories: Kenzer