House of Fashion

Spring Summer - 2017

This collection was inspired by the most basic process of fashion and its foundation: the art that involves the construction of a garment and the meticulous techniques used for it.

They are designs rich in details, arranged so that whoever appreciates them can identify one way or another each piece. The use of buttons as a decorative component, exposed seams and threads, among others elements will be featured throughout the collection. Basic patterns discovered in gazar, satin and silk wool will also be distinguished, as well as biases and laser cuts that will evoke tapes; Tools that are synonymous with the technical perfection on which the art of fashion is built.

House of Fashion, or house of fashion, is the title that best describes this proposal for the Spring-Summer 2017 season, whose result was one so distinctive or personal.

- Hair and Makeup Concept: Juan Pacheco for Blondes Salon and Spa

- Accessories: Norma Dominguez

- Photo Credit: Running Films Prod. By Juan Luis Hernandez