Spring | Summer 2015

The premise that inspired this collection is the idea of a future without vegetation, contaminated and sterile, where flowers are extinct and can only be found in stories from past generations, or as simple references in books and historical photos, or as broken pieces, fossils and ash, displayed in museum exhibits. In that scenario, the flower ends up being just a memory, but that memory transcends into pure artistic inspiration, idealizing each one of its development stages: from when it becomes a fresh bud till it dries up and withers away, all of which figure in the different looks that comprise the present proposal through textures achieved with petal-like applications, cut and sewed manually, constructions shaped like flowers, confectioned using an irregular plead technique, and angular and well-defined cuts, that contrast with the organic asymmetry of nature. 

Such vision of a false flora or of a “faux flora” was also complemented with accessories in the likes of gas masks, modern gardening gloves and acrylic belts. Moreover, the color selection favored white, magenta and fuchsia shades, and the textile choices included silk gazar and wool, linen, canvas and colorful prints, painted by hand.