Fall / Winter 2015

This fall/winter 2015 collection is inspired in the specialized field of antique "Old World" art restoration; in the beauty that results from the natural deterioration of the artwork and, likewise, from the meticulous process of conservation. 

The color palate favors red, midnight blue, gold and gray, tones that beautify most of the long ago scenes and representations of historical figures, portrayed in canvases and frescoes, and that are later veiled by the ashen calcifications that time deposits over them. 

The focal confection techniques incorporated silk gazaar corrugated by hand and bias strip structures fashioned in satin, lame and silk wool, all of which bare an architectural aesthetic, evocative of opulent constructions from centuries ago.

San Juan Moda in El San Juan Resort and Casino | Purses and Belts: Norma Dominguez | Accessories: Jennifer Marrero | Hair and Makeup Concept:  Juan Pacheco for Wanda Montes Salon | Photo Credit: Bob Varela, Jeroz Art Photography, Mario Cardona, and Carolina Palacios